Falling Asleep On The Plane: 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Types Of Clothing

With numerous hours to spare and nothing to do, you should try to catch up on some beauty sleep when you're on a plane. It'll help you feel more rejuvenated and energized when you finally land. If you've always had difficulties falling asleep on the plane, it could be due to the fact that you're wearing the wrong type of clothing. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind.

Choose Flannel Clothing Whenever Possible

The coldness of being on a plane is often one of the main obstacles to you getting some sleep in before landing. The type of clothing material you choose can play a huge part. While cotton is breathable, it does not retain heat well, and you'll easily get cold while on the plane. The best clothing material for sleeping on a plane is flannel. Not only is flannel comfortable, but it is also warm and breathable. It will keep you feeling cozy while also ensuring that any sweat you perspire gets wicked away easily.

Don't Forget a Warm Pair of Socks and Gloves

Your hands and feet are particularly sensitive to getting cold, and they can easily get cold when at high altitudes on a plane. Cold hands and feet actually disrupt your ability to sleep and interfere with the quality of sleep that you do get when you finally doze off. If you're used to getting no sleep on the plane, your luck might change if you bring along a pair of warm socks and even gloves to keep your body warm and snug at all times.

Wear Layers to Modulate Body Temperature

You never know just how cold it might get on the plane. This really depends on the type of air circulation system used in the plane, the altitude you are flying at, and the weather. Prepare for unexpected events by wearing layers that you can remove if it simply gets too hot. For example, wear a jacket over a hoodie over a shirt. You can even wear a scarf just in case.


With the right type of clothing, you can create a comfortable environment that can help you doze off when at high altitudes and surrounded by strangers. Bring along a larger carry-on bag for storing any clothing you might have to remove when on the plane. Also, decide on what clothing you are going to be wearing the day prior. This will help you feel more prepared when boarding the plane.

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