Drill Team Tips: Choose The Best Uniform For Your Team’s Needs

Your team is seeking a uniform that will give them a look of unity. But that is not all that a uniform can offer. The following guide will help you choose a uniform that will suit the needs of your team. 

Materials To Consider

The truth--and you should not shy away from it--is that drilling is an activity that will cause your team members to sweat. You may want to take natural perspiration into consideration when choosing a uniform for your team. Think about the following:

Natural Options

You have the following choices to consider:

  • Linen
  • Wool (like merino wool)
  • Cotton

What makes these fabrics a good choice is they breathe better than other materials, meaning the coolness of the environment can be felt by the skin. The coolness should help keep the wearer comfortable, which may minimize sweating. The only issue with these types of fabric is they absorb moisture easily, which means you may see sweat stains if your team members sweat too much during a drill session. This is something you can remedy by simply choosing uniforms with dark, solid colors. You can also opt for multicolored or checkered uniforms.  

Synthetic Options

You can also consider the following options:

  • Polyester
  • Polyester blends with added wicker fabrics

Polyester will not absorb water, meaning that sweat stains won't be visible. You can also choose polyester blends with wicker fabrics that could include cotton or wool. The natural fabrics will absorb the sweat; and the wicker fabrics (along with the polyester) will force the sweat to evaporate. 

Talk to your uniform specialist about the kinds of blends available to you.

Colors To Consider

Think about the following (but remember that darker shades will hide sweat better):

  • Red is a great color if you want your drill team to inspire collective aggression or excitement. Experts have noted that red should help raise heart rate, meaning that your drill team may rile up the fans better. 
  • Orange is another color that might be helpful, especially if you want your drill team to inspire a sense of camaraderie, passion, and fun. 
  • Yellow is another fun color that may help inspire optimism for your team, which could come in handy should your team want to inspire a little hope.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider before purchasing your drill team's uniform, and hopefully this guide gives you a good starting point.