Wearing Leggings As A Plus Sized Woman

If you are a woman who wears plus sizes, meaning 1X, 2X, and beyond, chances are good that you have heard the lie that leggings aren't for women who wear plus sizes. The good news is that you can wear leggings as a plus sized woman and still look amazing. You just need to be smart about it. Here are some tips that will help you rock the leggings trend and live your life in a comfortable manner. 

1. Always Try the Leggings On

First, make sure that you try on the leggings at the store. Many stores will allow you to open the packages and try them on. This will allow you to make sure that the leggings are perfectly opaque and will not cause you to commit the fashion catastrophe of wearing tights instead of leggings. As a woman who wears a plus size, you are going to have curves which can make certain parts of the leggings go sheer when you bend certain ways, so make sure that you flex, bend, and pick things up off the ground, all while checking in the mirror to be certain that you remain covered the entire time.

If you buy leggings online, be sure that you only order from stores that will allow you to try the leggings on, even if that means opening the packaging, and return them if they don't fit perfectly.

2. Counterbalance Your Look With a Flowy Top

Next, be sure that you choose a roomier, flowy top in order to balance out the skintight bottoms that you are wearing. Try to choose a style that will flow down to the middle of your thighs if you are not sure about the leggings trend and want to be sure that your butt is covered. Having a flowy top will help you counterbalance your look and will help you stick to the rule that you either show off your upper or lower body. Since you will be definitely showing off your lower body's fantastic curves, you want to downplay your upper body in order to not detract from your legs.

3. Buy High-Waisted Leggings

If you are having a difficult time finding leggings that don't give you a muffin top, try high-waisted leggings, even if you don't plan on wearing a crop top. This will decrease the muffin top appearance that anyone can get with leggings that don't fit correctly, while still allowing you to enjoy the leggings trend during your continued search for the perfect pair of low-rise leggings.

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