Online Men’s Clothing Store: 3 Ways To Boost Extra Sales With Photos

A lot of men prefer simple clothing options like a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. When selling clothes online, you want to cater to these audiences and showcase the simplicity of various designs. As you plan out each product sub-site, you want to ensure that the photos on the website accurately represent the product and ideal audience. There are three different ways to appeal to audiences and showcase clothing like T-shirts and jeans. Browse through each method and see how they can apply to your business needs.

Everyday Photos

When selling an item like denim jeans, you want to appeal to the everyday use of the jeans. As you place your wholesale jean orders, you want to have extra pairs available to use for your photo shoots. Everyday photos will showcase how various clothes can be worn and used on a daily basis. For example, you can have a guy hanging out in his garage, mowing the lawn, or playing with a pet. These simple situations can capture the clothing and its appealing everyday use.

When capturing photographs of these situations, try to use natural light and make everything look as real as possible. Actually have your model do the activities and simply capture images in a documentary style.

American-Made Clothing

You can cater to a lot of shoppers by purchasing and selling wholesale American-made products. Along with stating the "Made in America" tagline on a product, you can use photos to also convey this message. For example, if a guy is standing in jeans, he could have an American flag styled T-shirt on or be posed next to some type of flag or American symbol.

When shooting product photos on-location, you have the ability to showcase American symbols. This includes taking images at National Parks, landmarks, or in front something like an American-made vehicle. Click here to learn more about jeans made in America.

Real Guys

Appeal to the average guy by using the average guy for your product photos. Along with fit and athletic models, showcase how various clothing products look on various-sized men. This can help give a more realistic image of what your clothing products will look like when ordering online. It's always harder to judge clothing online, but adding the extra images can make a big difference on perception of the clothes. Try to use an average man, an overweight man, and a smaller man to help showcase how different styles look on a lot of different body shapes.

As you order new wholesale clothing for your online store, it's always a good idea to brainstorm different ways you can showcase the product and appeal to your male customers.