Prone To Yeast Infections? Underwear Options That Can Help

If you are prone to yeast infections, you are not alone. Yeast infections are a very common female affliction, with 75% of women getting at least one in their lifetime. Many women get recurring or chronic irritation 'down there', and if you are one of them, you know the frustration and embarrassment this type of condition can cause. There are a few lifestyle changes you can make to help keep your private area free of moisture, with plenty of breathing room to help reduce your chances of getting yet another flareup. Here are some underwear options that can help you be more comfortable whether you are actively suffering from a yeast infection or are trying to keep one at bay.

Stick to cotton

Cotton underwear is breathable and less likely to irritate your skin, making it a wise choice for comfort and moisture-free wearing. Yeast loves a wet environment, and spandex, latex, and polyester underwear styles are more likely to trap moisture from sweat, body odor, and even bacteria than cotton material is. If you have yeast infections prior to your menstrual cycle or after having intercourse (both of which are fairly common), then pull out the plain cotton panties for these occasions to give your body a fair fight against infection.

Wear the right size

If you love to wear frilly or fancy underwear, you can still do so, just make sure you wear the right size. Too-tight underwear of any style can restrict movement, causing your skin to chafe and trap moisture as a result. Whether you love spandex panties, thongs, g-strings, or cotton-blend boy shorts, choose styles that fit you appropriately. You know your underwear is the right size when the waist and leg bands don't cut into your skin or leave deep grooves in it after a few hours of wear.

Switch it up

You don't have to entirely forgo style for practicality when it comes to your undergarments simply to keep yeast infections at bay. You can wear your favorite sexy or attractive panties while keeping your private health in check by switching it up. Consider buying cotton underwear for work and during the day, leaving your more playful undergarments for a date. If you wear shapewear, make sure you visit the restroom regularly so you can urinate and not trap potential bacteria in your bladder or urethra, which can lead to infection.

You do have options for your personal style if you suffer from yeast infections; you just need to make sure to put your private health first. Your gynecologist can help you choose healthy underwear styles that work best for your lifestyle so you can be more comfortable. For information on the styles of women's underwear that are available, check out companies like Ginch Gonch.