3 Details To Check On Your Wedding Dress During The Final Fitting

As your wedding day approaches, you are probably looking forward to the last fitting of your wedding dress. However, while you are excitedly admiring how beautiful you look in your gown, look for at the following details to ensure a flawless fit on your big day.

Gap at the Front of the Bodice

When you first try on your dress at the final fitting and look in the mirror, the first area to concentrate on is the bodice area. The dress's material should fit snugly against your dress with no ruffling or gaps.

To check for gaps, lean forward while looking in the mirror. If the dress falls forward and shows more of your bust than you would like, the material will need to be gathered and tightened. Show the gap to your seamstress so they can make note of the needed alteration. 

Bunched Skin on the Back

After looking at the bodice area, either turn around or request a second mirror to be placed behind you so you can see the back. Whether or not your dress is backless, you should not see any bunched skin, either bare or under the dress's material.

As you look in the mirror, stand up straight with as good a posture as possible. If you see rolls of protruding skin, the dress in the back or on the sides is too tight. You should see only smooth skin or material. 

Creases in the Material Around the Stomach Area

While you are standing up straight with your best posture, look again at the mirror in front of you, turning your attention to the material around your stomach area. The material should fit snug around your belly without any creases. Even if the material is pleated, the pleats should hang straight with no bunching or creasing.

While reviewing your stomach area, bend over slightly. Although there may be some creasing, the material of the dress should mostly glide across your skin, creating only slight rolls in the fabric. Then, when you stand up again, the fabric should smooth out immediately without showing any signs of wrinkling.

If you find any of the above flaws in your wedding dress during the final fitting, they will need to be altered. Speak with the individual who is performing your wedding dress alterations about these concerns and any final details so you can look your best on your big day. If you are still looking for a place to have alterations made, contact companies like Alterations By Vesna to inquire about their services and make an appointment.