Packing For A Cruise: 4 Essential Pieces To Bring On Your Trip

When packing for a cruise, you may be concerned about what to bring. On-boat activities, ports of call, and nightly dinners can make it seem like you need lots of clothing to get through your trip. However, there are some essential pieces you can pack that will serve you on many different occasions. Here are some of those essential pieces to consider packing.

1. Floral Tunic Dress

A floral tunic dress can be a workhorse in your wardrobe. These flowing pieces can be paired with dress shoes and a jacket for a perfect look to wear at cruise ship dinners, and it can be dressed down with sandals and a floppy hat for strolling through tourist locations. On the beach, use your floral tunic as a cover-up. You may want to consider purchasing a few tunics to provide versatile options for dressing every day.

2. Button-Down Blouse

A button-down blouse is a great piece to bring on your cruise. It gives you an extra layer to wear on chilly nights strolling the deck of the boat, and this type of blouse pairs perfectly with deck shoes and capri pants for a smart cruise ensemble. Add it to your floral tunic dress to add a unique touch to your ensemble. Of course, a blouse also makes a great addition to dress pants and a jacket for dinner.

3. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and they are perfect if you will be traveling to a country with modest dress codes. The shorts still keep you cool while covering much of the leg. Look for Bermuda shorts in black, navy, or khaki to make outfit coordination easy, and consider packing two or three pairs for your trip.

4. T-Shirts

The last essential you should consider is the T-shirt. These shirts make layering easy, and they provide comfort while traveling. Choose several shirts in different colors to last through your trip, and remember you can wear them over your floral tunic or under your button-down blouse to create new looks. Consider a loose, slightly tailored fit, so your shirts are breathable but not oversized. This will help you create on-trend silhouettes for all of your ensembles.

By packing a few dresses, T-shirts, shorts and blouses, you have the mix-and-match pieces you need to create comfortable looks for virtually every occasion. Change up the looks by packing accessories, such as costume jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses, to make each outfit look fresh and pulled together.

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