Wig Care Tips And Guidelines

For individuals that are suffering from severe hair loss, a wig can be an affordable way of minimizing the cosmetic impacts of this problem. However, wigs can be major investments, and it is important to be proactive when learning about wig care so that you can minimize the risk of common damages or problems ruining your wig.

Avoid Letting The Wig Get Tangled 

A tangled wig can be a severe problem as it can be easy to accidentally tear out some of the hair while you are attempting to remove the tangles. When you are storing the wig, you may want to use a wig head. These are essentially mannequin heads that will help your wig to keep its correct shape while also avoiding the formation of tangles.

Minimize Moisture Exposure While The Wig Is Being Stored

Wherever you decide to keep your wigs, you will need to control the humidity. A wig that has been exposed to condensation and other forms of moisture for long periods of time can grow mold. This can cause staining of the wig while also leaving a very unpleasant odor. Humidity control packets can be a good option for those without space for a humidity control system. However, these packets will lose effectiveness over time and need to be replaced.

Regularly Clean The Wig

Just like your normal hair, a wig will need to be washed to remove oils, sweat, and dirt that can gather in it. Not surprisingly, this can be one of the most intense forms of wear and tear on a wig. For this reason, it is encouraged for individuals to only wash their wigs every few weeks. After carefully soaking and washing the wig in a bowl of water, you should let it thoroughly dry before using it or putting it into storage.

Keep A Spare Wig Available

Sadly, there may come a day when one of your wigs suffers severe damage that will render it unwearable. For those that only have a single wig, this can represent a serious problem as it may take several days to either have the wig repaired or replaced. By keeping at least one spare wig available, you can avoid this embarrassing situation. 

Some individuals may be tempted to buy a spare wig that is slightly different from the one they will be using on a normal basis. This will slightly defeat the purpose of the spare, as it will make it noticeable when you are forced to use it. By having two wigs that are largely identical, you will be able to discretely switch between them.