How To Care For Stretchy Lycra Clothing

Lycra, also known as Spandex or elastane, is made of a fiber blend that allows clothing to easily stretch and move with your body. Found in all types of clothing items, such as shirts, pants, tights, and even underwear, Lycra is loved for its comfort and body-hugging fit. Many people wear Lycra clothing items, including athletic leggings and moisture-wicking tank tops, to exercise, but the stretchy fabric can help make everyday wear more flattering and comfortable as well. Read More 

A Hidden Christmas: Holiday Nail Art You Can Wear All Winter Long

Christmas nail art can be lots of fun, but it can be kind of a bummer once the season comes and goes, and you're left with the rest of winter without any holiday inspiration for your nail art until Valentine's Day. But who says that the Christmas festivities have to vanish from your nails just because the 25th of December is behind you until next year? Holiday nail art can and should be enjoyed throughout the winter, not just from Thanksgiving to Christmas; so if you're looking for a few nail art ideas to use in the post-Christmas winter, then here's what you need to know. Read More 

Wig Care Tips And Guidelines

For individuals that are suffering from severe hair loss, a wig can be an affordable way of minimizing the cosmetic impacts of this problem. However, wigs can be major investments, and it is important to be proactive when learning about wig care so that you can minimize the risk of common damages or problems ruining your wig. Avoid Letting The Wig Get Tangled  A tangled wig can be a severe problem as it can be easy to accidentally tear out some of the hair while you are attempting to remove the tangles. Read More 

4 Gift Ideas To Woo Your Hipster Fashionista Girlfriend

One of the defining elements of contemporary hipster culture is quirky fashion items and outfits. If you're a guy without much fashion sense who's dating a woman who's a chic hipster, here are four gift ideas that are sure to satisfy her inner fashionista. 1. A Subscription Box of Curated Women's Clothes Get your girlfriend a curated women's clothes subscription box to have fresh threads delivered to her doorstep every month. Read More 

Packing For A Cruise: 4 Essential Pieces To Bring On Your Trip

When packing for a cruise, you may be concerned about what to bring. On-boat activities, ports of call, and nightly dinners can make it seem like you need lots of clothing to get through your trip. However, there are some essential pieces you can pack that will serve you on many different occasions. Here are some of those essential pieces to consider packing. 1. Floral Tunic Dress A floral tunic dress can be a workhorse in your wardrobe. Read More