Finding A Unique Outfit For Your Daughter To Wear To A Wedding

If you are invited to a wedding, and you have a young daughter coming along to enjoy the celebration with you, finding the perfect outfit will be a fun event to participate in. Finding a unique piece of clothing can be done if you know where to look. Here are some spots to check for celebratory dresses, perhaps leading to the perfect outfit for your daughter as a result. Revitalize One Of Your Own Pieces One great way to show of your creativity is to revamp one of your own dresses into one on a smaller scale. Read More 

5 Chic Summer Outfits For Women

Dressing for warm weather can be a little difficult for women. In winter you have layers such as sweaters, winter coats and scarves, but in spring/summer you just have your clothes and accessories. This means you need just the right items to pull your outfit together. See below for some chic outfit ideas for summer. 1. Colored Shorts Don't shy away from those brightly-colored shorts, such as coral, teal and yellow. Read More 

What To Do When Your Feet Shrink During Weight Loss?

When you lose weight, you expect to lose the inches from common places such as your stomach, arms, and legs. However, you may be surprised to discover your feet may also shrink as you take off the pounds. For example, one person dropped 2.5 to 3 shoe sizes after losing over 100 pounds. The best thing you can do for your feet is to purchase new shoes in the smaller size. Read More 

Wearing Leggings As A Plus Sized Woman

If you are a woman who wears plus sizes, meaning 1X, 2X, and beyond, chances are good that you have heard the lie that leggings aren't for women who wear plus sizes. The good news is that you can wear leggings as a plus sized woman and still look amazing. You just need to be smart about it. Here are some tips that will help you rock the leggings trend and live your life in a comfortable manner. Read More 

What To Look For In A Used Wedding Dress

If you don't have a large budget for your wedding, you can find a quality used wedding dress at a much better price than full retail. Even if a wedding dress has only been worn once for a few hours, you still want to go over seams, lace, and beading with a close eye to make sure you don't buy a gown with flaws. Here are things you should look for when shopping for a used wedding dress. Read More