Drill Team Tips: Choose The Best Uniform For Your Team’s Needs

Your team is seeking a uniform that will give them a look of unity. But that is not all that a uniform can offer. The following guide will help you choose a uniform that will suit the needs of your team.  Materials To Consider The truth--and you should not shy away from it--is that drilling is an activity that will cause your team members to sweat. You may want to take natural perspiration into consideration when choosing a uniform for your team. Read More 

5 Ways For Nurses To Take Care Of Their Feet

Nurses work long hours performing difficult work taking care of people. While you're attending to all of your patients you are typically running around all day, frequently resulting in sore, tired feet. If you don't take care of your feet now you may have to deal with more serious foot issues later, such as plantar fasciitis, which causes pain and inflammation of the heel. Luckily, there are things you can do to take great care of your feet and avoid further issues: Read More 

To Shank Or Not To Shank, The Question At The Center Of Your Sole

Of all of the manufacturer's buzz words that are used to indicate a quality work boot, the mention of a steel shank is perhaps the most common. This important little piece of metal can make or break your shoe purchase, so it's important to know what exactly this moniker of quality means, both in terms of shoe construction and in terms of its functionality. Here are some main points, pros, and cons about steel shank footwear. Read More 

Clothes Smell Funky? Defunkify Them With These 3 Surprising Tricks

Whether your gym clothes have grown funky with time or your favorite shirt somehow picked up the odor of dead rats, you know this: it's either time to toss these odorous outfits in the trash or find a deodorizing solution that actually works. Close your garbage pail for now; there's still hope for your foul-smelling clothes using one of these three surprising tricks. End Stinky Gym Gear Now Have you been working out or working at a slaughterhouse in your free time? Read More 

3 Tips For Buying Clothes Online

Online shopping is nothing new, and savvy shoppers already know how to make sure that the items they pick out online are of high quality. Reading the reviews and researching the brand usually tells you all that you need to know. But when it comes to buying clothes online, things get a little trickier. You may be able to determine the quality of that trendy top or cute little black dress, but determining the fit when you can't try the item on – that's a whole different story. Read More